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Control Manufacturing is pleased to offer a Nickel-free Zinc Phosphate coating system. This process is formulated to produce a crystalline, heavy phosphate conversion coating on iron and steel products. The coating offers excellent corrosion protection in immersion processes, and is used in sacrificial break-in applications. It also has the benefit of producing a good base for subsequent treatments with soluble oils, water displacing oils, wax and painting applications. Parts will have a long shelf life when warehoused as we currently immerse all parts in soluble oil as a final step. Our 40" x 28" x 36" tank can accommodate large parts, as well as multiple runs of smaller parts placed in baskets. Our commitment to our customers is to supply top quality products and services at all times. We are also committed to ensuring our environment is protected. Our coating processes and waste removal is done in accordance with all applicable environmental laws and standards, as outlined in our ISO programs.
5925 - 87A Street, Edmonton, Alberta Ph: (780) 465.7800
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